About Jason Horncastle

“Jason Horncastle sees his work as a journey through a vast space created between the three cardinal points formed by concept, technology and spirituality or emotion.”

Jason Horncastle was born in England and studied at the University of Wales before moving to Milan, Italy in the mid 1980s. He worked in Milan as a journalist and photographer before co-founding a small advertising agency which mainly worked in the travel and yachting industries with clients in the U.S.A., the Caribbean, Africa and the Middle East. He moved to Berlin, Germany in 2005 before returning to live in the UK in 2012.

During the 1980s his artistic work mainly involved black and white photography, but during the 1990s it gradually began to incorporate computer graphics, experimentation with darkroom chemical processes, painting and installation.

Continual experimentation and reaching out to new processes and technologies has long been an important part of his work which revolves around an interest in virtual reality, artificial intelligence, digital communication and ambiguous organic forms. Computer games, genetically modified organisms, products of micro biotechnology and imagined forms of life in as yet unknown environments form much of his inspiration. On another level, however, his work is preoccupied with forces at play in society as a whole; the alienation in interpersonal relationships or the increasingly insidious forces at play under the surface in the application of the power systems that govern our world.

His influences are many and varied, including artists such as Robert Rauschenberg, Francis Bacon, Sigmar Polke and the neo-expressionists.

He is currently working on a digital art project to be launched in mid 2021.